Together we can take on the world.

  • “My mentor and I check in regularly and talk every month and I love talking to her. She’s so wise and has all this great advice, I’m soaking it all up and having a blast.”

    Sarah ’22–’23, Cohort

  • “A recent positive memory I have with GEM is GEMinar 3. It was very eye opening for me and taught me to look at things from different perspectives, to never give up, and to stop putting unnecessary stress on myself.”

    Celine ’22–’23, Cohort

  • “My mentor set me up with the fantastic opportunity to meet with a biomedical engineer at UWaterloo as it has been one of my options for post-secondary education. This chat allowed me to ask questions and get honest answers for an individual who has experienced the application process and environment at Waterloo. Without GEM, this chance would not have been possible, and I am very thankful for the opportunity”

    Namanpreet ’22–’23, Cohort

Mentorship makes an impact

  • 96 %

    Know what skills they need to develop to reach their career goals.
  • 95 %

    Have a wide understanding of current career roles and opportunities (38% increase after program)
  • 93 %

    are confident advocating for themselves (a 25% increase)
  • 91 %

    are optimistic about attaining the career/job path that they want in the future
  • 86 %

    feel prepared for the next chapter in their lives (a 37% increase)
  • 85 %

    have extensive knowledge of various industries (increased by 49%)