Toronto has a variety of things to do and see, but most of all I enjoy the variety of things to eat! I love finding new restaurants that offer options I know will provide wholesome fuel for my body. As a pescetarian (someone who eats fish and seafood, but no other animals), it can be hard to find fast, healthy, tasty, affordable food. Many vegan and vegetarian restaurants have opened up recently, but none of them compare to Oats & Ivy.

Oats & Ivy is a Toronto-based company that uses a bike cart as its storefront! Each day their employees can be found riding to different corners in the downtown core. This fast food joint offers a variety of healthy goods and everything is made from scratch! You can quickly grab cold-pressed juice or almond milk, lunch items, and heavenly desserts including the “Black Bean Brownie” and “Chocolate Maca Bites”. My personal favourite is their “Thai Noodle Bowl” featuring extremely delicious kamut noodles – and house made sriracha sauce!

Their focus – health food meet fast food – is revolutionizing the streets of Toronto.

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