The Girls e-Mentorship program has had an incredible impact on my life. From a very young age I knew I wanted to be a writer but I did not understand how to get there or how successful I could be. The GEM program gave me the opportunity, not once but twice, to meet successful women who are writers. My first mentor was Amoryn Engel who is a writer for the National Post newspaper. She taught me that the best way to go forward in life is to ask questions to get what you want. My second mentor was Sharlyn Carrington who works in communications in the government. She was previously a writer for Ottawa magazine. Sharlyn helped me with my self-confidence as she inspired me to not be afraid to stand out. Both of my mentors helped me immensely in learning about what it takes to be a writer.

The best opportunity that I feel GEM has given me is the position of Creative Writing Intern for the GEM website. Through this position, I have improved my writing skills by learning how to ask great questions to interviewees. The GEM program has given me more than just great opportunities but also long-lasting relationships with my mentors, the organizers of the program, and my friends. Due to my experiences the program has offered me, I know I will be prepared to enter University of Windsor for their Digital Journalism program in September. The program has truly helped me grow into a beautiful and radiant GEM.

Selina McCallum is a GEMgirl in the 2014/15 cohort,  student at Marc Garneau C.I. and a Digital Journalism Intern for GEM.