Watermark screened at the TIFF theatre was a breathtaking documentary about the impact of water on our lives. GEMgirls had a very unique opportunity to attend a private screening and meet one of its co-directors, Jennifer Baichwal afterwards.

This documentary never told us what to think, where so many others do. Without a single mention of facts and figures, it presents situations with the intention of letting the audience decide for itself, ever so often guiding us with strong visual contrasts. The result was a stronger message about the way in which water shapes our lives.

The documentary presented the unique perspectives of locals. There was no obvious evidence of an interrogation, like in most documentaries; oftentimes the locals were filmed simply performing their everyday tasks, or having conversations. Sometimes the conversations had nothing to do with the water at all. We felt as if we were being shown a more honest representation of the situation. We, the audience, could make our own observations, and come to our own conclusions.

The movie left us feeling enlightened about global water issues and a keener self-awareness. We had been given the chance to observe the situation of water all around the world and we came away with a very strong conviction that something has to be done.