Most people never forget their first job.  Some may luck out and have an amazing experience but others aren’t as fortunate (hello The Devil Wears Prada). Your first job can be exciting because you are earning your own money. However, it can also be terrifying because you have no idea what to expect.

It’s a fact – some first jobs have you running around delivering coffee, photocopying, standing on your feet, completing tedious tasks, dealing with few breaks, or working long hours with little or no pay.

Positive Perspectives

Ahadia Hariq, worked at a well-known gym over the summer where she handed out flyers to people for a few hours. Although it was tedious, she found the challenge helped her improve her communication skills and break out of her comfort zone.

How about working with 20 kids for 8 hours Monday to Friday? Well, Ashifa Hudani said that it taught her patience and how to handle children!

Even in the least appealing jobs, you gain valuable experience. There are many good jobs, bad jobs, and even ugly jobs out there. Keep in mind no matter which one you get there is always a lesson to be learned.