Tabassum Lakhi is a Creative Writing Intern at GEM and also a GEMgirl. Tabbassum shares her first impressions and hopes for the year ahead in the GEM program.

Interviews are intimidating. It’s all about what you can do for the interviewer, what you can bring to the business, and why you’re the right choice. But seldom do you walk into an interview wondering about all the things they can do for you and how much of an asset they would be in your life.

I had a very high impression of GEM walking in and out of the interview I had to do to be accepted into the GEM program, and so far GEM has yet to deter that. After the first meeting, I was able to see in depth, what GEM has planned out for the girls this year. I knew GEMgirls would get lots of opportunities, but I honestly didn’t expect this much; the ballets, the coffee chats, the scholarships, and so much more. I have yet to meet my mentor, but I already know this is going to be a great year.

Before applying to GEM as a creative writing intern, I hadn’t really gotten the opportunity to share my work. With GEM, I’m able to set out of my comfort zone and explore a dream of mine; to be a creative writer. It’s not only an opportunity I am extremely grateful for, but it is also an opportunity that will help enhance my writing skills. Although I love writing, I also love biology, which is why I am pursuing a career in the medical field. I hope to attend university, and become a nurse practitioner, a surgeon, or an orthodontist. To be able to write, and still pursue a career in the medical field, would be the best of both worlds.