On January 31, 2015 GEMgirls were invited to Roots Yoga Studio for a complimentary yoga session. Roots Yoga instructor Charlene Yeh guided GEMgirls through a gentle beginner yoga class, which included interactive partner exercises and guided meditiation. This moment to relax and unwind could not have been offered at a better time. The girls had just completed a stressful exam period and were getting ready to plunge into a new semester.

Yoga workshop 1

Our GEMgirls had an incredible time.

Here’s what they had to say …

“I’d never done yoga and had previously thought it was just stretching, but the instructor explained its not. It’s about understanding the way your body and mind moves”

“After doing yoga I felt relaxed, calm and happy. I walked away with so many different techniques and skills that could help me when I’m feeling stressed or unhappy”

yoga workshop 2

“I tried yoga for the first time at the Roots Yoga Studio last weekend and loved it! It was the perfect way to let loose and feel more comfortable in my own body.”

“My experience at Roots Yoga was uplifting. I enjoyed spending time with GEMgirls doing something new together”

Yoga Workshop 3

The GEM team would like to extend our sincere appreciation to Denyse Green of the Roots Yoga Studio for providing our girls with this opportunity.

Roots Yoga Studio is ecofriendly and offers a variety of classes seven days a week. The instructors are skilled in classical Hatha, Ashtanga/Vinyasa, Iyengar, Anusara, Kripalu, Keeds and Teen Yoga. Visit www.roots.com/yoga for more information.