By: Natalie Anthony

Happy Friday. You are two weeks away from freedom. Hang in there! Here are some great yoga poses to release tension in your back and spine.

Back and spine: Many of us sit far forward at a desk (I’m doing it now). This leaves little support for your back. Try these stretches to revive your back and spine.

  • Sitting or standing, place your left palm along your body. Raise your right arm high, and begin to arch over to the left. Lengthen your right side on your inhales and deepen the stretch on your exhales. To finish, slowly bring your spine back to neutral. Repeat this on the left.
  • Clasp your hands behind your back. Puff your chest forward and look up to the ceiling if it feels OK on your neck. To go deeper, begin curling forward. Then start raising your arms up towards your head. Curl back up slowly as you come out of this pose.
  • Raise both arms to the ceiling. Slowly twist to the right as your arms come down on either side of your torso. Lengthen on your inhales and twist a little deeper on your exhales. Slowly unwind and try the other side.
  • Bring your palms to the edge of your desk or a ledge. Walk back so your body is in an L shape. Begin to press your hips back to lengthen your entire spine. To get into your shoulders as well, melt your chest through your arms. Drop your head so the back of your neck is also long. To exit the pose, walk your feet towards the desk/ledge and slowly curl your spine up to stand.

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Tip: Doing any of these poses standing deepens the stretch.


Natalie Anthony, Yoga Instructor B.A., Corp. Comm., RYT-200

As a former triathlete, turned corporate leader, turned yoga instructor, Natalie discovered yoga makes her strongest and happiest.A serious accident brought Natalie to yoga. A passion for making others happy keeps her on the mat. Natalie is an internationally certified and registered Vinyasa and Yin yoga instructor. She currently teaches customized group and private sessions at Balance Fitness and at various corporate offices in downtown Toronto. Natalie also combines her love of yoga with a passion for communications and is a regular contributor for Village Living magazine.