By: Natalie Anthony

No Mat? No Problem! 

I had a secret. As a stressed out student (exams freaked me out!), I used to sneak away from my desk at the library to do yoga in the washroom. My body was tight. I needed a release.

It’s exam prep time and I know sitting at a desk for extended hours is not fun. And not good for your body. The good news? Some simple and effective yoga poses can be done at your desk – no mat required. The key is to target the areas of the body that are the likely culprits of tension. From head to toe, I’ve collected some of my favourite yoga poses to target those areas. Over the coming weeks, we’ll explore them all.

Neck: Let’s start here. I find these are the best stretches to release neck tension.

  • Clasp your hands and rest them behind your head. Let the weight of your palms gently draw the chin your chest.
  • After a few breaths, remove the left hand keeping the right one where it is. Slowly draw the chin to your right shoulder, over to the ear, then back to centre. Repeat on the left side. To finish, release both hands and gently draw your head back to look up to the ceiling. Then, bring your head and neck back to neutral.

RootsYoga1 RootsYoga2

Tips: Avoid putting too much weight on your head/neck. Ease into it.


Natalie Anthony, Yoga Instructor B.A., Corp. Comm., RYT-200

As a former triathlete, turned corporate leader, turned yoga instructor, Natalie discovered yoga makes her strongest and happiest.A serious accident brought Natalie to yoga. A passion for making others happy keeps her on the mat. Natalie is an internationally certified and registered Vinyasa and Yin yoga instructor. She currently teaches customized group and private sessions at Balance Fitness and at various corporate offices in downtown Toronto. Natalie also combines her love of yoga with a passion for communications and is a regular contributor for Village Living magazine.