Everyone has goals, ambitions and unique things about their personalities that make us who we are. Sometimes people forget how important personal branding is, and this GEMinar helped us realize that. The first step to developing a successful personal branding strategy is to know yourself, your strengths, your values, and your mission.

Superpowers: Knowing your strengths, skills, and special abilities are essential to developing your personal brand. To determine what they are, just think about what your friends, teachers, and people around you would say are your greatest strengths. This is a great way to market yourself to potential employers. Interviewers always ask what skills you have that would contribute to the job, and now you have an answer!

Values: Establishing your values is important because they help you grow and develop. What are the things that you live by? Values are important because they help you prioritize what matters the most. If something goes against your values, why do it?

Personal Mission Statement: Your mission statement gives you a sense of purpose, and it defines who you are. It combines your superpowers, your values, and your goals. It may be hard to fit all this in one sentence, but it forces you to think deeper and identify what is important to you.

After doing these three steps, you can now create a plan for what you want to accomplish this year. Think about how to apply your personal brand in your everyday life, for example, if one of your values is kindness, how would you show kindness today? Be true to your personal brand to stay on your path to success!