We’ve been working hard all summer, even if it doesn’t look like it (see above!) and we’re so excited about the year ahead! We matched 28 amazing young GEMgirls with 29 GEMmentors. AND we just hired 6 new Interns! So next step is to kick-off the program! Friday September 18th we’re hosting our first GEMinar for our GEMgirls at the Aga Khan Museum.

We have planned for a great year ahead!

Our GEMinar Series – we have 8 workshops that are planned for this year. We have engaged amazing experts like Dr. Vietta Wilson who will teach us how to use our own biofeedback to deal with stress better and Lisa Orr who will teach our girls networking etiquette to help them land their next dream job.

Coffee Chats – This year we have 8 potential career information sessions planned for our girls. Each month our GEMgirls will have the opportunity to sign up for a Coffee Chat that’s held at a professional office and facilitated by professional women in that industry. We’ve got a great line-up: University Preparedness, Government, Accounting, Finance, Medicine, Marketing & Communications, Engineering and Law!

NEW! Arts & Culture Program – Our new program was created to inspire our GEMgirls and help to create deeper connections between our Mentees and Mentors. The program offers each girl a FREE memberships to the Aga Khan Museum, a private film screening at TIFF, and multiple sets of tickets to cultural events like the TSO, National Ballet, Soul Pepper Theatre and more.

NEW! Scholarships – Our mentors have come together to create 3 new scholarships for our GEMgirls this year. The scholarships will be awarded by a Mentor Scholarship Committee to GEMgirls that best embody the spirit of GEM.

NEW! Girls Summit – We are working with our partner Bishop Strachan School to create an event where Girls from all over Toronto come together to debate issues that are important to them. We’ve engaged a design thinker that will work with our GEMgirls and BSS girls to create a day that will inspire and influence!

NEW! GEM Video Series – We interviewed some of Toronto’s most accomplished women and asked them tough questions on camera! We’re launching the series on our website next month! We’re talking leadership, mentorship, balance and career. Stay tuned!

This promises to be our best year yet. If you’re reading this and want to get involved, we’d love your help. Contact our Project Manager Cassandra Hammett at cass@girlsementorship.com!