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GEM Receives 5-Stars!

Announcing GEM’s 5-Star Rating from Veritas Charity Services

GEM is delighted to announce our 5-Star rating through Veritas Charity Review.

Based on our 5 Star rating, GEM ranks in the top 20% or is one of the top 500 charities in Canada!

The Review provides an overall assessment of our operations and effectiveness. In achieving this, the Review looked at four key areas, or Pillars:

  • GEM’s STRATEGY and mission statement
  • GEM’s FINANCIAL position
  • GEM’s GOVERNANCE structure and management operations
  • GEM’s IMPACT in our serviced market

The process was based on an inclusive review of 745 areas of relevance to each of the four Pillars, assigning points based on how GEM meets a set of standard benchmarks. The source of the data for completion of the Review comes from government filings, questionnaires, and meetings with GEM. The points are accumulated and provides an overall operating Rating with a star-based indicator which provides a quick snapshot of our overall Charity performance.

Based on the review’ss calculations, for every dollar ($1) invested into GEM, a charitable return rate of $4.65 is returned in social impact!

For more information about the Report, or to make a donation, please contact: