Feedback is necessary to grow, improve and reach your potential. Whether it be a second opinion on your English essay or a perspective on your company’s outreach event, being open to receiving feedback, listening to perspectives, building self-awareness and acting upon suggestions is essential for your personal development.

Here are some recommendations from the talented professionals at PwC on how to give and receive feedback to set yourself up for success:

  1. Ask for feedback. Asking someone like your employer for feedback demonstrates that you have a commitment to your growth.
  1. Watch emotions. When giving feedback to others, it’s always best to sandwich and interchange your positive and negative responses. Watch how you feel, listen carefully and make an action plan to set yourself up for success.
  1. Ask questions to clarify. Be curious, open-minded, and ask questions to clarify. Turn this year’s weaknesses into next year’s strengths. Asking questions to clarify can provide you more insight on what you can improve and further information on the person’s perspectives.
  1. Expand the conversation. Expanding the conversation can turn critiques into constructive feedback. A good way to give constructive feedback is to suggest ideas that can help opposed to stating their setbacks.
  1. Reach out to networks. Hearing different perspectives can help you establish common themes in your performance.
  1. Say thank you! Show appreciation to the person who has given you feedback.
  1. Engage. If you’re giving feedback to someone else, ask to follow up with them on their progress to show that you really care!