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Nabela Alam: Why become a GEMgirl?

Nabela Alam was one of the amazing GEMgirls in 2014-15. Her mentor was Verity Sylvester. We interviewed her about her experience in The GEM Program.

-What did you love about the GEM program?
-My favourite part of The GEM Program was being able to attend the GEMinars. My favorite one was one called Beat the Busy Brain. It was about stress management and about self-peace. I was really blown away by this seminar because it was designed to talk about self-care, a life skill that is important that you don’t learn in school.

-What did you get out of your mentorship relationship?
-My mentor, Verity Sylvester, had a big impact on me. She taught me about self-motivation and the importance of being your own support system. She taught me to rely on myself. Verity firmly gave me advice about the importance of communication and the vocabulary we use. The strict mentality that I gained from our relationship helped prepare for University. Verity helped me gain the confidence and independence I needed to be successful in university and in my professional career.

-How did GEM impact your life?
-GEM creates a strong support system for the mentees. A support system that was not only there to offer me lifelong advice but also to motivate me so I could get the best experience from the program. They taught me how to make connections and properly network with people within my field. GEM also connected me and helped me get prepared for her an internship at RBC.

-What are you doing now?
-I’m a second-year student at York University in the Schulich School of Business program. I also take part in her school’s Corporate Social Responsibility Society (CSRS). In September 2016, I finished a five-month internship with RBC.

-What would you say to someone who may be interested in joining GEM program?
-Make sure you are serious about taking advantage of this opportunity, don’t just join because it looks good on your resume. Even though you may not come from a wealthy background you can still strive for more to make your life better. Join! Just join. You don’t have to pay and if you take it seriously you will have countless positive experiences.