What do you want to be? What would you do if you had the opportunity?
GEM is a free mentorship program for girls.
Visit www.girlsementorship.com or @girlsmentorship on Twitter.

Girls e-mentorship innovation (GEM) is a registered charity dedicated to creating innovative programs for at-risk girls

We believe when someone inspires you, believes in you, and shares her experiences with you it can dramatically alter the course of your life. But it is extremely hard for disadvantaged girls to encounter, let alone be mentored by successful women. This is why GEM reaches out to at-risk girls (aged 16-18) from high priority neighbourhoods in Toronto and connects them with some of Toronto’s most successful female leaders. The goal is to provide these girls with the skills to succeed and to inspire them  to reach their full potential.

Just the beginning

In 2013 GEM launched an electronic mentorship program for girls in the Flemingdon park and Thorncliffe park area.  This year we will also accept  applicants from Regent Park.
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