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Who We Are

Girls E-Mentorship Innovation (GEM) is a charitable organization that offers an innovative mentorship program for female youth facing multiple barriers. Each year, we match a select group of high-achieving diverse young women with talented professional women. Through one-on-one mentorship, seminars, scholarships, and internships, we help young women to reach their full potential, develop skills for their future and engage in influential relationships.

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Mentorship is an innovative and effective way to help female youth realize their full their potential and emerge as empowered young women, future female leaders, and problem-solvers of their communities.
Our mentors are carefully chosen for their professional success, their ability to connect and their commitment to improving the lives of our GEMgirls. Mentors share their knowledge and experience to support GEMgirls as they navigate key issues in their lives.

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Working together makes us stronger. This is why we build partnerships with other like-minded organizations. We also strive to work with institutions and businesses that want to build a better Toronto. Currently, we are working with MaRS, LinkedIn, PwC, Burgundy Asset Management, Royal Bank of Canada, Thornecliffe Neighbourhood Office, and Culture Link. We also continue to collaborate with the University of Toronto to measure the social impact of our work.

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“GEM gave me the confidence to go after the things I want”

Mathurah Ravigulan was one of the amazing GEMgirls in 2016-17 and one of the GEM Scholarship recipients. We interviewed her about her experience in The GEM Program. Mentorship really makes a difference in a person’s life. I loved how GEM gave
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GEM’s Founder shared her career advice with BTNH

GEM's Founder, Rochelle de Goias, was featured in Be The Next Her, a career blog for women. She was interviewed about her carrer path, why she founded GEM and what challenges women face when following their passion. Here's the full interview
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“Thanks to GEM I’m not afraid to think big”

Khalida Elsadati was one of the amazing GEMgirls in 2016-17 and one of the GEM Scholarship recipients. We interviewed her about her experience in The GEM Program. "GEM has been such a rewarding experience, and I'm so glad to have been
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McGill News featured GEM’s mentorship program

GEM's Founder, Rochelle de Goias, was featured in McGill News Alumni Magazine. She was interview by Brenda Branswell about what inspired her to create GEM and how the organization has grown since 2012. Here's the full article Toronto mentors help
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GEM: A Real Gem of a Program

Imagine a room full of women with superpowers. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Well, you don’t need to look inside a comic book to see these superwomen, because you can see them in real life. They are the ambitious, intelligent and
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Rochelle de Goias

How to launch a charity while being a mom

Rochelle de Goias, GEM's Founder, was interviewed by Love, Mom on how to lead a charity that is changing the lives of high school girls in Toronto while being the mom of two little ones.  Read her full interview below. LM: What’s
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